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Creating cost-effective direct mail campaigns

Blog post   •   Dec 13, 2017 14:40 GMT

Creating cost-effective direct mail campaigns

You only get one chance to make a great first impression and as almost half (48 per cent) of people retain direct mail for future reference, it’s key to get both the creative and the message right.

Once you have the target data in hand, it’s time to think about the message - what do you want to say? Is the message the same to all recipients? What do you want the recipient to do next? What is your call to action?

With the messaging and a budget that factors in the cost for design, print and mailing agreed, you can consider the opportunities to develop creative formats to boost response rates.

Personalise the message

It’s important to remember that with developments in technology and digital print, costs for sophisticated formats are coming down. For example, the ability to personalise the message - a key benefit of direct mail, and one that is proven to increase response rates, doesn’t need to cost the earth. Inexpensive treatments such as adding colour to a direct mail piece can make a huge difference - studies show that response rates may increase by up to 45 per cent. Furthermore, you may find that a well written letter with a strong offer as opposed to a complex multi-page flyer, can give you the response that you require.

On a budget!

For budget-conscious businesses, producing professional-quality direct mail pieces in-house is easily done. Neopost has a full range of machines from envelope, address and graphic printers, to folder/inserters which take time, cost and complexity out of the production process.

Folder-inserter machines for example are at least 13 times faster than folding by hand, saving staff time by automating a manual process, they also help cut postage costs and improve presentation of your mail.

Save on postage

One of the biggest costs in a direct mail campaign is postage, but the good news is that there are ways to save money here too. Pricing in Proportion (PIP), from Royal Mail means that items larger than A5 are more expensive to post, so by keeping mail pieces to A5 and under will ensure you keep costs down.

Franking mail rather than using stamps also delivers significant cost savings on postage - up to 51 per cent and Royal Mail offers further discounts for businesses that send 500 to 25,000 letters in a single mailing.

Find out how you can create cost effective direct mail by downloading our guide at

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