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How Track Inside ensures your employees receive Christmas deliveries on time

Blog post   •   Dec 05, 2017 11:45 GMT

How Track Inside ensures your employees receive Christmas deliveries on time

In the lead up to Christmas some organisations receive hundreds of parcels and other deliveries daily. From employees receiving gifts from happy clients, to waiting for the arrival of their personal Christmas shopping items, centralised post rooms are inundated with deliveries that have to be manually sorted and processed.

The complexity is increased when organisations span across multiple buildings or even campuses, just as universities do.

Managing the transit of deliveries has to be incorporated and the more places a parcel can potentially go, the more opportunity there is for it to go missing and elongate delivery times.

Track Inside provides assurance for inbound parcels and packages

Track Inside scans, tracks and records letters, parcels or packages as they enter a business, meaning final recipients are never left in any doubt that their delivery has been received and is on its way, strengthening employee relations.

As soon as parcels enter the mailroom, they are registered using barcode technology and handheld scanners, and the final recipient is notified via an automated email message.

Signatures are given electronically using the handheld scanners, completing a digital chain and ensuring that the entire process is easily referenceable.

The recorded information is stored in a central database which can be viewed via a web-based portal. As the data from around the Christmas period will show a far higher rate of incoming parcels, it enables users to more easily analyse their processes, identifying where bottle-necks still exist and how best to remove them. When input is lower, small inefficiencies are often overlooked.

Key benefits of Track Inside

  • Items are digitally tracked with time, date and serial numbers greatly reducing the frequency of lost packages
  • Track parcels within buildings and across multiple sites, centralising the function
  • Hand scanning devices provide ease and flexibility to those in charge of processing
  • Electronic signatures ensures completely paperless end-to-end digital tracking
  • Detailed process recording enables the identification of bottlenecks and enables organisations to streamline

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