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Maintaining visibility and control

Blog post   •   Jun 02, 2016 11:30 BST

Maintaining visibility and control

Reasons to choose output management software - Reason 3

Companies that adopt multi-channel communications will see increases in customer loyalty and satisfaction as contacts are contacted via the method that suits them. However, without proper management it can provide challenges around visibility and control.

As small and medium enterprises (SMEs) send documents across multiple channels, it’s often too complex for them to track exactly what has been sent to whom, when and how. This can result in the reissuing and resending of invoices, letters and contracts, which can delay payment and is an unnecessary cost. With integrated archiving, OMS provides a consolidated view and record of all communications, irrespective of whether they were distributed electronically or printed and posted. Businesses can see at a glance when and how something was sent, without having to switch between applications and/or filing systems.

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