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Neopost can help you on the road to postage discounts

Blog post   •   May 25, 2017 12:50 BST

Neopost can help you on the road to postage discounts

All businesses are conscious about expenditure. Everyday costs add up and firms soon start seeing that revenue doesn’t quite stretch as far as it used to. With their limited budgets, mounting costs are a real challenge for small businesses; one that can force them into drastic actions, such as reducing staff or moving.

However, one everyday activity that is often left unmanaged is postage. Organisations would traditionally stamp individual letters and parcels, before then waiting at the Post Office for them to be processed. This method is a drain on resources and time, but it’s one that many small businesses continue to rely on.

Modernising the postage process will reap rewards

Franking machines can help firms unlock big savings from their postage costs, and ones that are Royal Mail Mailmark enabled deliver even greater savings. In fact, users are able to save as much as 16 percent over the cost of traditional stamps.

Folder inserters can also help to reduce costs. Ensuring that outgoing communication is always folded into the most cost-effective dimension, it prevents businesses from sending items in oversized envelopes.

When sending high volumes of post, Royal Mail has certain specifications that must be met. One of the criteria is accurate addresses, with items with incorrect information returned and then reissued at an extra cost. This means having up-to-date information is vital. Addressing software ensures data accuracy and assures businesses that their communications are always reaching the intended targets.

Try Neopost’s free postage audit

When managed with the right tools, small businesses can greatly reduce the amount they spend on postage. Mailmark franking machines, folder inserters and addressing software all combine to create an automated and fluid mailing process that delivers big savings over traditional methods.

Why not try out our free audit and download our “Road to Postage Discounts” guide to discover how your business can unlock postage savings?

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