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Stamp usage in the workplace

Blog post   •   Jun 30, 2016 15:00 BST

Stamp usage in the workplace

End the guesswork

UK small businesses are wasting hundreds and thousands of pounds every year by using stamps to send their mail.

Forty per cent of small businesses surveyedrecently by Neopost (in conjunction with Businessinfo magazine) still stick stamps on envelopes rather than using a modern alternative like a Mailmark franking machine.

By switching to a Mailmark franking machine they could save 13p on every letter sent first class (51p versus 64p) and 18p on every one sent second class (37p versus 55p).

Even worse, of the businesses that still use stamps, one in five admits to over-stamping, on average by 15p per item. This means that 432,000 SMES in the UK are paying too much for their postage1.

Businesses that rely on guesswork when applying postage also run the risk of under-stamping. When this happens the recipient will be asked to make up any shortfall, and that can't be good for business.

The advantages of switching to a Mailmark franking machine are clear. In addition to lower prices, automatic postage updates and integral scales ensure the correct postage is always applied, helping you to save money and project a more professional image.

To find out more reasons why businesses should use a Mailmark franking machine visit reasons to choose a Mailmark Franking Machine

1 The number of SMEs in UK is 5.4 million according to the Business Population Estimates 2015

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