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Tips for saving time and money when you’re franking this Summer

Blog post   •   Aug 09, 2017 11:30 BST

Tips for saving time and money when you’re franking this Summer

Mail is a highly effective way to engage your customers and do business with them.

Your franking machine remains a quick, easy and convenient way of paying for the mail you send to your customers and it’s important that you pay the right price every time.

During the summer holidays, Royal Mail see a big increase in mistakes, like large letters being franked as letters or international items franked as if they were being sent within the UK. These mistakes could result in a surcharge and cost you money. When you’re organising holiday cover in the weeks ahead Royal Mail recommends you do three simple things to avoid paying more than you need to:

1.Make sure everyone understands the different mail sizes. Why not try displaying this information close to your franking machine?

2.Display Royal Mail’s “Top tips for saving time and money when you’re franking” poster which can be downloaded at

3.Visit Royal Mail's franking help pages at to watch their short ‘how to’ videos and get some more top tips to help you frank your mail right every time.

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